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Our bio-oil products are made from eucalyptus biomass (organic matter), serving as a partial replacement to fossil fuels.

  • Bio-oil is a product made from eucalyptus biomass, by a fast pyrolysis process, that can replace partially fossil-based derivatives. Applications of bio-oil include co-processing in FCC´s (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) process to produce fuels, chemical specialties and also directly in heating process (e.g. boilers fuel). This new business creates a new opportunity to reduce carbon footprint globally, by the usage of planted forest, in markets dominated by carbon-intensive products.

    In addition to the applications in the processes mentioned above, bio-oil may also be upgraded, to produce drop-in fuels and chemicals (direct production), so as to increase value-generation and contribute even more to the sustainability of different supply chains (under development by Suzano and partners).