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Suzano at China International Import Expo 2022 again

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Showcasing its open innovation eco-system and new bio-based solutions to reinforce its commitment to China

Shanghai, November 3, 2022 – Suzano, the world’s largest hardwood pulp producer, will make another appearance at the China International Import Expo 2022 from November 05 to November 10, but now with its open innovation eco-system and new bio-based solutions to reinforce its commitment to support China’s transition towards low-carbon economy.

Joining hands with the Consulate-General of Brazil in Shanghai, Suzano will present its new Innovability Hub, which is now under construction in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Area. The new hub will be a development base for new bio-based materials, as well as a collaboration space for Suzano Venture Capital, a VC dedicated to empowering bio-economy visionaries and entrepreneurs worldwide.

The Innovability Hub is also a crucial platform for Suzano to strengthen relationships with stakeholders in China by expanding the development and the use of bio-based materials that will help accelerate the nation’s transition to the green economy. These new bio-based materials that will be exhibited at the Expo include: lignin; MFC (micro fibrillated cellulose); bio-oil; and bio composites. All these products are derived from Suzano’s eucalyptus trees – a renewable and natural resource which can be adopted across various industries to substitute petroleum-based materials to serve the daily needs of common people.

Through Suzano Venture Capital, Suzano seeks to collaborate with start-ups in different development phases and on multiple fields associated with its business, including bio-based materials development, energy, logistics and others.

Pablo Machado, President of Asia Business (Beyond Pulp) at Suzano, says:

“China International Import Expo provides us with a great platform to promote deeper collaboration between Brazil and China, learning from each other and sharing the best practices to pursue common prosperity. Our experience in innovation and sustainability enables Suzano to support China in its ambitious goals towards the low carbon economy.”

Come and visit Suzano’s booth at NHA-13.