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Suzano partners with CPICC to promote sustainable growth of China’s pulp & paper industry

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The initiative will unite various industry stakeholders, align on and promote shared objectives toward the low carbon transition and sustainable development of the P&P supply chain

Shanghai, September 16, 2022 – At the 15th China Paper & Pulp Industry Development Conference (CPIDC) held by China Paper and Pulp Industry Chamber of Commerce (CPICC), Suzano, the world’s largest hardwood pulp producer, initiated the establishment of a national, industry-focused Sustainability Development Committee (SDC) under CPICC with leading companies in the global and China P&P industry. The inauguration ceremony united various stakeholders from around 30 member companies, with the purpose of working toward a more positive impact on environment and society. The action aims to promote green, low carbon, and sustainable development of the industry.

The SDC will focus on effectively consolidating the member companies’ knowledge exchange on sustainable development, promoting the implementation of an ambitious sustainability agenda, and showcasing the sustainability achievements of organisations across the industry. Under the SDC, CPICC and Suzano will also launch the “Green Journey Initiative” together with China’s P&P industry to promote the establishment of a sustainable paper industry chain system and share responsibility for climate change.

As the first concrete action under SDC and the Green Journey Initiative, Suzano signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) on Sustainability Framework with COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers, the world’s leading specialized and multi-purpose carrier. According to the LOI, both parties will deepen the partnership in a number of sustainability aspects, including vessel carbon emission reductions and greenhouse gas emission accounting to create green, low carbon logistics in the industry supply chain.

Pablo Machado, President of Asia Business (Beyond Pulp) at Suzano, said:

“It is our honour to partner with the CPICC to promote the establishment of the SDC and sign the LOI with COSCO. Suzano is a company that focuses on the concept of innovability, or the pursuit of sustainable solutions through innovation, and it is climate positive today by being carbon negative. We hope to use this platform to leverage best practices in sustainability among the member companies, as well as support and learn from the industry, and drive for sustainable solutions through technological innovation to aid and accelerate the industry’s transition to a low-carbon economy. We are also confident that this pioneering project with COSCO will be fruitful and become one of the important practices for the sustainable development of the P&P supply chain.”

Zhang Shenjin, Secretary-General of CPICC, commented:

“We are very grateful to Suzano for their work and initiative as a founding member to jointly promote the establishment of SDC and Green Journey Initiative. Suzano represents a prime example of how a pulp and paper company can have a net positive effect towards achieving our wider sustainability efforts, and we are looking forward to further exerting its leadership and jointly driving the sustainable growth of the industry.”