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Suzano records a landmark 2021 with publication of Annual Report

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Suzano also launches a revitalized Sustainability Center disclosing over 450 KPIs

Suzano, one of the world’s largest integrated pulp and paper producers, announces the publication of its 2021 Annual Report and the launch of a revitalized Sustainability Center.

Despite the pandemic impacting daily lives and work routines, Suzano was able to deliver the strongest financial results in its history and make significant progress on strategically important developments for the business. Furthermore, 2021 has represented a landmark year for Suzano towards achieving its 15 long-term 2030 sustainability goals, known as the Commitments to Renewing Life.

Key highlights across the year include:

Record financial performance

· Net sales increase of 34%

· Adjusted EBITDA increase of 57%

· Net Income of R$ 8.6bn

· Combined successful issue of US$ 1.5bn of sustainability-linked bonds

Landmark developments

· Launched the Cerrado Project, the largest single line pulp mill in the world, which will be fully operational in 2024

· Established a joint venture with Spinnova to exclusively produce 100% renewable textiles from pulp

Progress towards sustainability targets

· Accelerated the commitment to remove 40 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere from 2030 to 2025

· Committed to connecting 500,000 hectares for biodiversity conservation by 2030

“Suzano is proud to celebrate a year of excellent performance in 2021. We believe that successful companies are those which can find convergence between efficiency, sustainability and transformation,” said Walter Schalka, CEO of Suzano.

He added, “We know that our planted trees and the preservation of native forests can both be part of the solution to the climate crisis. We also want to support the growing trend for biobased materials to replace non-renewable resources. To this end, we will develop and bring to market new products that are sustainable by design, at the same time as offering high levels of performance and competitiveness.”

The 2021 Annual Report is prepared in accordance with international best practice integrated sustainability reporting standards, including GRI, SASB and TCFD. The content was externally assured by Bureau Veritas. It has also been reviewed by Gonzalo Muñoz, Chile’s UN High Level Climate Champion for COP25, and Andreia Coutinho, a leading racial, social and climate justice expert within Brazil. This report can be accessed here:

Detailed information on progress against environmental and social targets can be found within Suzano’s Sustainability Center: