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Suzano joins Corporate Alliance committing to conserve, restore and grow 2.5 billion trees globally by 2030

Follow: EN/CN is a World Economic Forum initiative aiming to inspire and engage global stakeholders to pledge to restoring forests and the planet.

Suzano, a leading producer of market pulp in the world, has joined the new Corporate Alliance, becoming part of a global movement to conserve, restore and grow more than 2.5 billion trees in more than 50 countries by 2030.

Suzano is one of 24 partners joining the Corporate Alliance, a project aiming to bring business leaders with a mutual vision to plant one trillion trees by 2030 to meet our climate and biodiversity goals. is part of the World Economic Forum’s efforts to accelerate nature-based solutions and was set up to support the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030.

The mission aims to promote nature-based solutions by mobilizing, connecting, and empowering the global reforestation community. The platform facilitates the sharing of best practices and promotes responsible forestation measures as well as scalable solutions with global impact.

As part of our innovation initiatives, Suzano is the first Brazilian company to join the group. One of Suzano’s long-term objectives to 2030 is to preserve and connect half a million hectares of designated high-priority land in the Cerrado, Atlantic Forest and Amazon biomes. It is on the basis of this commitment that the company joins the initiative and begins to work towards the identification and engagement of other partners to join this ambitious target.

Commenting on Suzano’s partnership, Pablo Machado, Executive Director for China, who is currently responsible for Suzano’s sustainability work said, “‘Renewing life inspired by trees’ is one of Suzano’s core values. Committing to’s mission was therefore an obvious decision. Our ambitious conservation work will contribute to the mission to conserve, restore and grow more one trillion trees by 2030, and we look forward to cooperating with the existing partners and engaging new ones to achieve this mutual target.”.

“Suzano’s pledge to connect 500,000 hectares of priority biodiversity areas in Brazil highlights the importance of maintaining and restoring biodiversity to the company. By establishing these biodiversity corridors our mission is to address the adverse impacts of forest fragmentation on native flora and fauna. It is particularly important to see key players in the industry engage for conservation within and beyond their operations. At we are excited to have Suzano join our first cohort of global pledges and look forward to seeing the results of their work.” said Nicole Schwab, Co-Director Nature-Based Solutions, World Economic Forum.

Suzano, as well as, understands that forests are vital for the prosperity of the planet. Our global forests are responsible for capturing and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, regulating global temperatures and freshwater flows, replenishing groundwater, anchoring fertile soil and acting as flood barriers. Today, Suzano has 975,000 hectares of land designated for conservation under its management.

Suzano’s vast forest base lends to the company’s status as a climate positive company, given it captures more greenhouse gases than it emits. As well as its biodiversity goals, Suzano has a series of clear and ambitious targets including its SDG-aligned Long-Term Goals tackling issues relating to carbon emissions, poverty, plastic pollution, inequality and more. These commitments, as well as the biodiversity goals, are public and can be monitored through the