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Suzano reinforces commitment to China at Shanghai Pulp Week 2022

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Suzano unveils plans for a new ‘Innovability Hub’ in Shanghai and initiates the establishment of the Sustainability Development Committee with the China Pulp and Paper Industry Chamber of Commerce

São Paulo, New York & Shanghai, September 20, 2022 – Suzano, the world’s largest hardwood producer, has underlined its commitment to the Chinese market and its customers, and the pursuit of environmental solutions based on the bioeconomy at Shanghai Pulp Week 2022.

CEO Walter Schalka led Suzano’s presentation at the annual meeting, showcasing the company’s long-term plans for collaboration with the Chinese industry to meet the growing demand for pulp-based products and the critical role Suzano can play in helping the country reach its decarbonization goals.

To demonstrate its commitment to the Chinese market, Suzano unveiled plans to launch a new ‘Innovability Hub’ at the heart of Shanghai’s technology and innovation district. The new hub is designed to boost customer relations in the region, alongside broader collaboration to advance the pursuit of sustainable solutions through innovation.

Suzano also announced the initiative of establishing a Sustainability Development Committee (SDC) under the China Pulp and Paper Industry Chamber of Commerce (CPICC).

Walter Schalka, CEO of Suzano, commented:

“Chinese demand for hardwood pulp is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. Suzano is well placed to deliver on the organic growth opportunity with our extensive commercial ties in China.

“As a company, we are hugely committed to ongoing R&D in sustainable innovation, and our Innovability Hub is the next step for us as we prioritise nature-based solutions which align with China’s 2060 Carbon Neutrality target.”

Pablo Machado, President of Asia Business (Beyond Pulp) at Suzano, said:

“We are excited to share our plans for the SDC under the CPICC as well as our new Innovability Hub. These projects are designed to help us work more closely with local partners to boost sustainability standards in the industry and develop ground-breaking, nature-based solutions which meet modern demands.”

Jeff Yang, President of Asia Business (Pulp) at Suzano and Vice Chairman of CPICC, added:

“Suzano has been an important sponsor of Shanghai Pulp Week for years. Walter’s speech which outlined the company’s pledge to ensuring the long-lasting competitiveness for non-integrated paper producers in China was well received by our delegates and local industry participants.”