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Suzano jointly launched the “Environment-friendly, Child-friendly” extracurricular educational program at its Innovability Hub in China

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A children’s drawing competition themed “Green Life · Blue Future” marked the program’s first activity

Shanghai, May 18, 2023 – An extracurricular educational program named “Environment-friendly, Child-friendly” was launched today at Suzano’s newly inaugurated China Innovability Hub in Shanghai, aimed at enhancing the awareness of sustainability among the younger generation in China.

Backed by relevant government bodies in China, the program is co-sponsored by Suzano and its business partners Vinda and COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers. Guests from all these organizations and companies, together with those from Shanghai Extracurricular Education Association, China Next Generation Education Foundation (Healthy Growth Special Fund) and some primary school student representatives participated in the event.

A drawing competition with the theme of “Green Life · Blue Future” marks the program’s first activity. The competition is mainly targeted at children from primary schools and kindergartens and encourages them to exercise their imagination and draw pictures of how to live a greener life and in harmony with nature.

It is expected that the drawing competition will involve children from around 600 primary schools and kindergartens in 50 cities across the country. The competition will last until September and will be concluded with an award ceremony to present prizes to winners of the best drawings.

“It’s an honor to cooperate with partners in China in this meaningful educational program, which is fully in line with Suzano’s cultural driver — It’s only good for us if it’s good for the world. Sustainability is at the core of Suzano’s business, and this program marks an impactful extension to the education of the younger generation in China, as one approach to fulfil our vision of planting a more sustainable future,” commented Pablo Machado, President of Asia (Business Management) at Suzano.

In addition to the drawing competition, a series of other activities under the educational program are being developed and will be carried out in the coming months.