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Eucafluff®, the world’s first eucalyptus fluff, is an innovative and sustainable raw material that provides comfort and well-being to end consumers, thanks to the unique characteristics of eucalyptus fluff pulp. Eucafluff® can be found in adult and baby diapers, sanitary pads, pet pads, hospital supplies and more.

  • Thinner and softer absorbent panels

    The eucalyptus fiber is smaller and softer than the fiber of Southern Pines from the U.S , allowing for the production of a thin and smooth core. Products developed with Eucafluff® provide greater comfort and more care to the end user.

  • Greater compaction, lower cost

    With greater compressibility, the use of Eucafluff® improves channeling, embossing, and reduces core caliper. This means lower costs for packaging, transportation, and storage of product converters.

  • Better rewet reading, dry skin sensation

    Eucalyptus fibers have shorter length and thinner cell walls, thus the product is the denser Eucafluff® (more fibers per gram) with absorbent pads, promoting significantly lower rewet and drying skin quicker.

  • Lower environmental footprint

    Our fluff is produced in tree farms that follow responsible management and international certification standards. Furthermore, an independent life cycle assessment reviewed by KPMG shows that Eucafluff® outperforms in several categories of environmental impacts, such as lower greenhouse gas emissions, water and fossil fuel consumption, as well as reduced land use.

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