Strategy & Targets

Sustainability is part of Suzano’s brand essence and permeates in all our actions and decisions. That’s why we have built a long-term strategic vision to shape this way of being, where businesses intrinsically align competitiveness with sustainable development. The strategies include:

  • 1

    To continue to be an industry benchmark in efficiency, profitability and sustainability, from the forest to the customer

  • 2

    To be a transforming agent in the expansion of our biomass into new markets

  • 3

    To be a benchmark in sustainable and innovative solutions for the bioeconomy and environmental services based on cultivated trees

We also have five main medium-term avenues to guide our vision over the next five years:

  • 1

    Be “best-in-class” in the Total Cost of Pulp vision

  • 2

    Maintain relevance in pulp and uphold a gold standard in our products

  • 3

    Advance in the links of the chain, always with competitive advantage

  • 4

    Expand boldly into new markets

  • 5

    Play a leading role in sustainability

Given the complex challenges of today, we built our sustainability strategy around collaboration by gathering the views of people from diverse stakeholder groups, before establishing our targets, which are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our 15 “Commitments to Renewing Life”, are Suzano’s long-term targets that aim to contribute social and environmental impacts on the planet. Some selected targets are as follows:


  • Combating the climate crisis

    Remove 40 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere by 2025. For comparison, 40 million tons of carbon is double the annual carbon emissions of São Paulo city.

  • Offering renewable products

    Offer over 10 million tons of products from renewable resources that can replace plastic and other petroleum-based products by 2030. For comparison, 10 million tons of products are more than 400k trucks.

  • Reducing poverty

    Lift 200,000 people out of poverty in the areas where we operate by 2030.

  • Conserving biodiversity

    To connect, through ecological corridors, 500,000 hectares of fragments of the Cerrado, Atlantic Forest and Amazon biomes, or four times the city of Rio de Janeiro by 2030.

  • Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Commit ourselves to accelerating the career advancement of women and Black people.

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