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Our story begins with trees.

Guided by our purpose of renewing life inspired by trees, Suzano is a global reference in developing sustainable and innovative solutions from renewable sources. For us, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. We believe that this movement we call INNOVABILITY was founded in trees and that the native forests and eucalyptus farms we manage can generate renewable resources for countless businesses. Our story begins here.

Message from Asia Management

Pablo Machado , Suzano Asia President – Business Management

Jeff Yang , Suzano Asia President – Pulp

Welcome to Suzano Asia.

At Suzano, sustainability and innovation are the cornerstone of our business and are our commitment to society and the environment. We believe in Innovability, the pursuit of sustainable solutions through innovation, which is the central principle upon which our business is predicated. Innovability is the natural calling of our company, which is a business inspired by the trees we plant and driven by solutions from renewable sources.

From sustainably harvesting and reforesting our eucalyptus farms to innovating new biological based products, our relentless efforts in Innovability underpin our global success and within Asia.

Currently, the Asian market is one of the most critical markets for Suzano. In particular, China, where Suzano Asia first started in 2007, has the highest annual demand and consumption of market pulp. As sustainable development issues such as carbon neutrality and biodiversity conservation receive more attention in China, Suzano Asia hopes to become an open platform that offers multiple bio-based solutions to support China in its transition to a low-carbon economy.

It is in the shared interest of Suzano and China to expand our partnership and steadfast friendship and to realize the full potential of this collaboration.

We hope to continue to deepen our integration into China market to continue deliver quality and competitive bio-based products to realize a carbon-neutral and more sustainable future. Please join us in reimagining a better world and a cleaner future together.

Our story is founded on the drive to do something new every day.
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Suzano China Innovability Hub was inaugurated in Shanghai. It is dedicated to addressing customers’ evolving needs for pulp and new bio-based materials and applications, and will act as a collaboration base for various pulp product participants and other stakeholders to drive sustainable development through Innovability.


Suzano expands its team in Shanghai to better serve the country’s strategic call for the transition towards a low carbon society and local customers’ corresponding needs. The extended team focuses on ensuring that the company increasingly delivers bio-based solutions to support China in meeting its ambitious environmental and social goals.


Suzano’s Shanghai office is registered as a subsidiary under Suzano Global, responsible for pulp sales in Asia with a professional logistics team, an experienced technical team, and a customer-centric commercial team.


The merger between Suzano Papel e Celulose and Fibria is announced, and ultimately, Suzano S.A. is formed. The company is now one of the world’s largest pulp producers.


The Suzano Unit produces Eucafluff® for the first time, which is the first fluff pulp from eucalyptus to be made commercially viable in the world. This product is ideally used for sanitary pads and disposable diapers.


Suzano acquires all shares of the Limeira Unit. The same year, lignin pilot plant enters operation at the Limeira Unit. This move enabled the creation of Ecolig in 2017, a high-value-adding product from a renewable source that can replace raw fossil materials and sees a number of applications across industries.


Nine years after investing in the company, Suzano acquires full stake in FuturaGene, a pioneer in biotechnology and in increased productivity for the forest-based industry. Currently, the biotech solutions subsidiary has laboratories in Israel and Brazil.


Suzano sets up its office in Shanghai.


Ecofuturo Institute is created and maintained to this day by Suzano. With initiatives such as the management of Neblinas Park, Suzano’s environmental reserve, its goal is to transform society through the promotion of knowledge and environmental conservation.


Suzano enters the China market by supplying pulp in response to the development of the domestic paper industry.


Suzano is the first company in the world to produce pulp and paper using 100% eucalyptus fiber on an industrial scale. The company has just expanded its production line by acquiring the current Rio Verde Unit (São Paulo State). Fourteen years later, it starts exporting to the European market.


Max Feffer, Leon’s son, conducts research to discover an alternative raw material to substitute pine. One year later, the company begins the production of pulp from eucalyptus, which revolutionized the pulp industry in Brazil and worldwide.


Shortly after arriving in Brazil, Ukrainian immigrant Leon Feffer obtains approval for his individual firm, marking the creation of Suzano Papel e Celulose. Seventeen years later, his first paper mill begins operations in the Ipiranga district of São Paulo, SP.

  • Suzano products provide over 2 billion peoplein more than 100 countries

  • Over 40,000company employees and

  • Net revenue in 2022

    R$49.8 billion

  • 12 mills2 millsin joint operations (Veracel and Woodspin)
    1 mill under construction

  • 1.4 million

    tons of paper installed capacity per year

  • 10.9 million

    tons of market pulp installed capacity per year

  • 1,500 GWh

    of renewable energy contributed to the Brazilian Electric System (equivalent to powering an electric car for 1.5 million km.)

  • 2.6 million

    hectares of planted eucalyptus and conservation areas

  • One of the 15


    in the GlobeScan- SustainAbility Leadership Survey Ranking and evolution in reputation surveys

  • Asia is Suzano’s top market

  • 1.2 million trees

    planted daily on average

Global Network

Head officeSão Paulo, Brazil

Europe officeVienna, Austria

Asia officeShanghai, China

US officeFlorida, USA

South America officeBuenos Aires, Argentina

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Shanghai, ChinaInnovability Hub


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FinlandJyväskylä (Woodspin: Suzano + Spinnova joint venture)