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Suzano celebrates centenary in China, reinforcing its confidence & further growth in the country and commitment to local stakeholders

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Shanghai, March 21, 2024 – Suzano, the world’s leading market pulp producer, celebrated its 100th birthday with its Chinese stakeholders in Shanghai yesterday. During the celebration, which was themed “Planting the future for the next 100 years”, Suzano reinforced its commitment to further expansion in the Chinese market, and called on the engagement of its local stakeholders to work together to shape the future.

China is now Suzano’s largest pulp export destination, and one of the fastest-growing markets, representing a significant opportunity for the company to increase its presence, further support the industry and the country’s movement towards a low-carbon economy.

As Walter Schalka, Global CEO of Suzano emphasized at the event: “I am confident that China will not only continue to be a key engine to global growth and development. The country’s transition from high-speed to high-quality growth is also entirely aligned with Suzano’s businesses, which is part of the new productive forces. I reinforce here our commitment to the country and to all the Chinese stakeholders in our ecosystem.”

Suzano is relentlessly seeking to better serve its customers and the industry through pursuing new business models and by developing innovative, sustainable products and solutions. Moreover, the company is looking to generate a positive impact on the society to plant for a sustainable future by collaborating with its local partners.

Suzano signed two strategic partnership frameworks during the celebration, one with the China-UK Low Carbon Colleague (LCC) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a most renowned university in China, the other with its business partners including COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers, Baoding Yusen Sanitary Health Supplies and China Paper Corporation on sustainability research and education, which are to commence from 2024.

This constitutes an important part of Suzano’s new global initiative of investing US$100 million in the coming years to strengthen sustainability practices across all regions, and prepare the next generation of scientists and business leaders for tackling environmental and societal challenges.